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eli. 21. indiana. university student.
expect lots of pictures, game of thrones, doctor who, and other things that fascinate me.

i like tea, languages, middle eastern food and culture, turkey (the country, not the bird), books, critical thinking, and jesus christ.

if you want to know more you can learn more here or ask me.


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obama means family 

obama means nobody gets left behind

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untitled by Luis Padron on Flickr.

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Don’t Stereotype Me——University of Mary Washington Islamic Student Association campaign against stereotyping and judging on campus. This campaign was inspired by the Trayvon Martin case. Stereotyping essentially killed Trayvon Martin so we wanted to raise awareness about the negative effects of stereotyping. 

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These photographs, which are part of the Electric Series, were taken by Christopher Eaton.

You can view more images here.

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(by Annlaur)

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France - Normandie - Etretat (by saigneurdeguerre)

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flawless ladiesrose leslie

“There are so many powerful female characters with this series. That’s another kind of element of why it’s been such a success because people can relate to that. It’s also a nice kind of breath of fresh air to have these strong dominant, women be there.”
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usakeh-deactivated20130416: Thanks for following me back! As you already know, I think that you are awesome. You're very thoughtful; moreover, I admire your knack with languages and find your traveling experiences fascinating. Also, it's really refreshing to come across a confident Christian who doesn't dismiss people with different beliefs, or who are just plain different. As a lesbian, and an atheist, that means so much to me. There are far too few people like you around the Christian community, alas. Anyway, thanks!

Ah, thank you so much! I honestly REALLY appreciate that! :) <3

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zaynasaurs: You're really pretty :)

thanksies! :)

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Finnick Odair talks about his in-game tribute, Annie Cresta.

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new theme, new icon, etc! pretty sure i’m in love with this theme, but feedback is always welcome :)

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